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John Piccolo


It’s hard to believe but our Head Golf Professional John Piccolo is entering his 26th year of teaching here in Niagara. How does a guy with no formal training come to be one of the most respected golf instructors in a very competitive industry?  John did it the Ben Hogan way--spending thousands of hours digging his own swing out of the dirt of his backyard and fifteen thousand more observing the swings and habits of his students on the range.  Combined with his study of most of the great golf instruction of the past 100 years and, through his keen understanding of the game “between the ears”, John has the reputation of using just the right piece of instruction for just the right person at just the right time. With 25 years of club making and fitting experience he is also able to help you understand the connection between the swing and the club, and the thought process that helps you trust the two together

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